Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chick Flicks

Hehe hey!

Chick flicks are mean cool.
Amelia and I must say there is some very cheesy crap out there though. LOL
We have been researching extensively... in our study leave. Opps.

I have 2 exams tomorrow, and they count. Hmmm have I done any study? Nooooooo. LOL
I'm screwed.

Aren't ya lovin' the pic? Lol good times in year 9 ae bros!

Haha k well better study.

I <3>

xxxxxxx Hehe

Jesus loves you!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good morning sunshine!

The hostel.

We had to get up at 7 20 this morning, walk to breakfast like a zombie, then walk straight back and get into bed. Then we slept till 10 30. It was great! Hehe

This photo is off my hometown :) yaya the last holiday I had back there.
Hmmm in my wing there is 4 amazing girls! 
Olive has already been mentioned, and then there's Gingo, Mi Mi, and Jane. They rock my holy socks. LOL
Na they are seeck weecked xxx :) We have heaps of fun.

I also love taking photos. Hehe yaya.

Go to


xxx :) Hehe



Well.... me and my friend Baby Olive were bored and decided to make blogs.
We have a pretty intense life... LOL... we're hostel peeeps. 
We slept in this morning and got gated.
Great fun.

We know the best fish and chip shop ever can't wait to go back there.

We are newbies this year.
It's great fun.
Met some amazing people :)
Just like Olive who saved me on the bus on my first day. Hehe.

^^ Lol my pic is cool ae? Eels. LOL I <3>

Man I looovveeee music! I'm a old school fan. Yea baby bring back chucks, combi vans, and epic guitar solos.

I also love hot pink mink blankets. LOL! Mine has been everywhere with me... good times, bad times.. all the times :) its great.

Food is soo awesome!! And is my life, well not quite cause God is my no.1 baby!
"A life without God is a life not worth living"... well that's true for me because I wouldn't be here for so many reasons without him!

Kk well.... go on


LOL :D xoxo