Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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I've just finished my first day back at school after an awesome study leave and then an amazing weekend in my hometown! Hehe Nelson :)

As I hope you can see in the pic it's bloody beautiful, and this is coming into winter! Man I don't know how people can think it was just by chance that the world was made, because it's sooo beautiful!

We're here for a purpose if you ask me. :) You are here for a purpose.

Where I am now it rains several times a day. Whereas in Nelson it was sunny all 4 days I was there... then again it was about 0 degrees at night.. kinda cold. But that didn't stop us!

Hmmm when I leave I realise how damn much I miss everyone. Family, good friends and even people you'd only talk to once a week. These people made my life :)
Nelson is awesome. It's good to leave though e.g. I would not recommend bumming there for your whole life. But I sure will go back, after uni etc etc. 

I have a farm down there =D 250 hectares. I hope to build a house and live there when I'm older. Hehe it's got frigin mean views!

I spent the days drinking frozen cokes, eating Mr Wedge and Maca's, and hanging out in the massive mall LOL.
Then I would stay up till 4am, and then sleep till 12 or later. Opps. Kinda wasted the day... But na it was worth it :)

Only 4 days there but it was sooo worth it.

Miss everyone already.
But I missed peeps in Auckland too! So it's good to be back :)


hehe :)

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